Our schools Junior Savers groups began with a phone call from Allans Primary in Stirling: "are you interested in helping the school start a savings club?"  

From small beginnings in 2015 we have grown to over 700 Junior Savers in 8 schools. We could not do this without the support of our parent volunteers who turn up every week to supervise savings groups in schools.

Funding Support

The Credit Union doesn't earn money from Junior Savers;

  • We produce each child's 'saver pack'
  • We produce award plaques and banners for schools etc

These are all paid for by the us and we are dependent on external funding for the payroll cost of our part time schools Development Worker .

We currently receive support from the Scottish Government and  Stirling Council.

  • We need more sponsors to come on board.
  • We need sponsors to keep current groups operating and to open new groups.

Could your company or your employer support us? Can you help, £500 would sponsor a school for a year; £2,000 would help us establish a new school savings group.

Junior Savers Volunteers' Message Board

Visit the Junior Savers Voluneers' message board.

The message board is designed to enable us to:

  • Share news and information
  • Get help, by asking questions (e.g. ‘Does anyone know how to ...?’)
  • Share ideas and experiences: telling others what's worked and what you've learned.
  • Share materials, which can be uploaded to the message board for others to find and use.

The possibilities are endless!

How to access the Message Board

Register here 

When you submit a registration request, your account must be activated by the site administrator. This two-step process has become necessary as a defense against hackers, so please make allowances for a short delay.

  • Please create a user name that will help the site administrator and other message board users identify you.
  • Note that passwords must contain letters, digits and symbols for security.
  • You will receive an email to confirm your account has been activated. 
  • When you log in for the first time, please visit the “Welcome” section, which provides information to get you going.


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