Payroll deduction

Payroll saving scheme

If your company employs 10 or more people we can offer a payroll savings scheme to help your employees to save.

  • Savers are less likely to face a 'money crisis'.
  • Savers are able to access affordable loans when the need arises.
  • Setting up and operating a payroll savings scheme is easy. The ongoing cost to the employer is administrative only.
  • We can help with literature, posters etc. and hold 'sign up' days on your premises.
  • A payroll savings scheme is a great employee benefit.
  • It costs the employer little and benefits you and your employees.
    • Employee time lost through money problems reduced.
    • Money-induced stress reduced,
    • Money-related family issues reduced.

We have operated payroll savings for 20 years, partnering with local employers including:

  • Stirling Council
  • Stirling University
  • Care Visions
  • Water and Pipeline Services, Falkirk: to name a few

These employers are confident in our service and the benefit it brings.

  • As a responsible employer, you take employee welfare seriously.
  • As a local business, you want to see a thriving local economy.

A payroll partnership with Stirling Credit Union is your logical next step.




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